Homegrown Awards


Country Album

East Of Tucumcari- Keith Spinney

Thru The Years- Keith Brooks

Tonight- Catina Ann

Country Song

Nights On Fire- Kay Cook-Abbott 

River Flows- Keith Spinney

Outlaw Guitar Man- Keith Brooks

The Love Give Me- Keith Brooks

Adios Amigos- Keith Spinney

Arizona Sun- Rollin Jewett

Tonight- Catina Ann

Any Other Way- Brian Mckell

Country Vocal Performance

Keith Spinney

Kay Cook-Abbott

Rollin Jewett

Catina Ann

Country Duo/Group Performance

It's Just The Two Of Us- Keith Spinney and Catina Ann

Nothing You Can Do- Keith Brooks and Donna Jo Carroll

Country Artists Of The Year(fan vote)

Keith Spinney


Pop Album

Roots- Bamil

Isolation- Keith Spinney

The Real Cover Up- Jon K.T.

Old Tricks- Darren Holmes

Pop Song

Songwriter- Bamil

Sweet Explosions- The Just Imagines

I Dreamt Last Night- The Just Imagines

For My Lady- Jim Alexander Armstrong

God's Good Rain- The Christian Stardust Band

Electricy- Rollin Jewett

Two Worlds- Keith Spinney

Little Games_ Amr Mohsen

Shattered- Jon K.T.

Wendy Darling- Colby Gray

No Coincidence- Jon K.T (feat Kevin Welch & Mike McInelly

September Sun- Darren Holmes

Dream Big- Darren Holmes

Pop Vocal Performance


Jim Alexander Armstrong

Keith Spinney- The Christian Stardust Band, Keith Spinney

Amr Mohsen

Kevin Welch

Rollin Jewett

Pop Duo/Group Performance

The Just Imagines

The Christian Stardust Band

Jon K.T (feat Kevin Welch & Mike McInelly

Colby Gray


Rock Album

Pop Artists Of The Year(Fan Vote)

Distant Star- Thunder Wheel

Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music

Rock Song

Letter Of Love- Bamil

Dreams Will Never Die- Moving Lines

Inside My Head- Moving Lines

City Lights- Moving Lines

Hit The Road- Moving Lines

Don't Wake Me Up- Moving Lines

Let's Find A Way- The Just Imagines

Not A Chance Encounter- The Just Imagines

Ride Tall- Rollin Jewett

Slow Down- Will Ludford

Distant Star- Thunder Wheel

It's Time- The Steve Larkin Project

Best Christian Album

The Christian Stardust Band

Inspirational Songs Of Kindness From The Heart- Jim Simpson

Deep Thoughts- Keith Brooks

Best Christian Song

God's Good Rain- The Christian Stardust Band
Why Complain- Mike P Fitzpatrick
Take My Hand- Lisa Marie Nicole
Psalm 150- Mike P Fitzpatrick w/Christal Roberts
Calling On You, Jesus- Jim Alexander Armstrong
kindness- Jim Simpson
Shelter From The Storm- Catina Ann
Life At The End- Keith Brooks


Christian Vocal Performance

Best Rock Performance


The Just Imagines

Moving Lines

Rollin Jewett

Thunder Wheel

The Steve Larkin Project

Best Alternative Song

What Did You Do In The War, Daddy?- Rollin Jewett

Keith Spinney- The Christian Stardust Band

Mike P Fitzpatrick

Lisa Marie Nicole

Jim Alexander Armstrong

Jim Simpson

Catina Ann

Keith Brooks

Best Christian Duo/Group Performance

The Christian Stardust Band

Mike P Fitzpatrick w/Christal Roberts

Moving Lines

Best Metal Performance

Rock Artist Of Year(fan vote)

Christian Artist Of The Year(Fan Vote)