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Homegrown Awards pg 2 General Field

Album of the Year(Awarded to artist)

It Must Be Love- Keith Brooks

Recreation And Good Times- Gagmesharkoff

The Time Has Come- Engage

Only The Beginning- Trevor Renteria

Song Of The Year(Awarded to songwriters)

It Must Be Love-Keith Brook

In The Beginning- Terry Draper

Stronger- Neil Marsden

Izzy- Neil Marsden

Single Of The Year(Awarded to Artist)

It Must Be Love-Keith Brooks

I Don't Know How To Love Him- Lisa Marie Nicole

Memory Lane- Terry Draper

Time Flies By So Fast- Trevor Renteria

Stronger- Neil Marsden

Izzy- Neil Marsden

Best Engineered Album

It Mus Be Love-Keith Brooks/Engineered by Keith Brooks

Producer Of The Year

Keith Brooks

Terry Draper

Trevor Renteria


Keith Brooks

Lisa Marie Nicole

Best Music Video 
Radio DJ/Podcast

James Finchum/Total Mix Radio

Paul Mash- Paul Mash Tv

Demi Michelle/Write On Track

Lisa Marie Nicole/Rockin For God

Best New Artist

Trevor Renteria

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