Homegrown Awards pg 3

American Roots
Best Folk Song

Wendy Darling- Colby Gray

Goodnight My Love, Goodnight- Thunder Wheel

Different Light- Brian Mckell

Best Blues Song

Not A Chance Encounter- The Just Imagines

Texas- Keith Spinney

Queen Of Hearts- Keith Spinney

The Road Blues- Bamil

 Best Acoustic Song

I Ain't Working On Christmas- Rollin Jewett

I'll Be Home For Christmas- Catina Ann

Let's Christmas- Bamil

Christmas Memories- Darren Holmes

Best Instrumental Song

The Batman Shuffle- Bamil

Best Cover Song

I Dreamt Last Night- The Just Imagines

Goodnight My Love, Goodnight- Thunder Wheel

Love Slips Away- Thunder Wheel

Dream Big- Darren Holmes

Dream Catcher- Darren Holmes